What make Toyota’s the best (Japan Trip)

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What makes Toyota’s the best (Japan Trip)

What makes Toyota’s the best auto manufacturer? In this video, I tell you four reasons why I love Toyotas while I walk around Tokyo, Japan.

1) Reliability – Trusting your vehicle goes a long way. When you have trust in it, you will be able to take it farther, longer, and though more extreme terrain.

2) Value – Toyota’s hold there value. You know when you get a Toyota that it will continue to stay close to your purchasing price (within reason). Of course, whenever you buy a new vehicle straight off the lot, the price will go down, but it doesn’t drop nearly as fast as some other auto manufacturers.

3) Pushing Design – Toyota’s are working to move forward and trying to push the envelope. I feel that they are working on discovering new and more efficient auto’s while continuing to retain their reliability.

4) Love – Probably my most important reason is that I grew up on them. Being a kid of the 80’s many American made auto manufacturers had horrendous reliability. Where Toyota’s didn’t, and because of that, my parents bought them. So growing up I had them all around me. Though they were not my first vehicle, they were my first love.

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