What to look for when buying used tires

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What to look for when buying used tires

I never realized buying used tires would be so difficult. Did you know that there’s an expiration on tires in California? There’s a data which they will not Mount or balance tires? Do you know how to find the born on date of your tires? I wish I would have known these questions before I bought new tires.

some important factors to look for when buying new tires are how old is the tires. here in California after 6 years The Big Box tire shops will not install or Mount and balance your tires on your vehicle. How does the sidewall look, check any cracks scratches or rips in the sidewall. check the bead, the Seal of the tire, make sure it does not have any Tire rot major gashes and appears that it could be installed easily. if you can check the inside of the tire to make sure that there are is no patches or plugs and you’re getting a tire that has not been repaired. and always make sure that you’re buying a tire that has sufficient tread.

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