Will Samantha run unassisted?

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Will Samantha run unassisted?

Samantha (pt3): In the last episode, we were able to get Samantha to start, Yippy. But starting is only a small victory. Now I need to figure out how to get her running. I am going to check out the vacuum lines, and air intake for any leaks. I am also concerned with a possible spark issue because its idle is really rough. There is still a possibility of a clogged fuel injector. However, the solution was none of these. Really all I needed to do was drive it more and let the truck solve its own issues.

I am not exactly sure what happened but when my buddy Justin was looking at the timing, and I was in the cab with my foot on the gas. Samantha spiked with revs and then died because I pulled my foot off the gas. After a short discussion with Justin asking him what he did, and him asking me the same. I started Samantha again, and now she is running fine.

The next steps for me are to clean the engine and fuel system. I went out and got some Sea Foam. I have never used this stuff but have heard good things for old vehicles. After running it through the fuel, and then adding it to the crankcase. Samantha is running much smoother. Still not the best, and still has some stutters at first, BUT she is running!

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Video Link: https://youtu.be/-iIphx1xw4Y

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