You Better Belize It! (Bonus)

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Here is a little bonus episode for you about the Assistant and my honeymoon trip to Belize (we kept it PG). We discuss the travel, and how easy it was to get to Belize. We talk about how wonderful the country is and why so many X-Pats are moving there. We also bring you along with the great time we had at the Belizian Dreams Hotel and their wonderful excursions.

If you were ever thinking about going to Belize I would highly say do it. I truly feel that Belize is the easiest international country to travel to. Their national language is English, they have Belizian dollars but will take the U.S. Dollar, and there is an extremely low crime rate. We both had a great time and loved our week away.

I hope this isn’t your first time listening to the SnailTrail4x4 Podcast but if it is this is not our normal content. It was a bonus EP that the Assistant and I wanted to release for anyone who might be interested. We ill resume our normal off-road 4×4 content on Monday.

Our Wonderful Hotel: Belizian Dreams
The Mayan Ruins we visited: Xunantunich
The Outstanding Ice Cream Shop in Town: Nice Cream

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Show Music: Introd and Outtro Joakim Karud – Say Good Night

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